Most folks don’t immediately opt to have a cedar roof, but wooden roofs actually aren’t that uncommon to see. There are some things you should definitely know about your cedar roof.

  • Looking after your cedar roof will help you to figure out if it needs to be cleaned. You should do this especially after it has rained.
  • Green hues on a wet roof, may serve to signify that there is moss, mold or mildew are present on your roof. This means that you need to clean your roof immediately.
  • Black or dark brown colors on your roof means that you may have some harmful colonies of fungi present on your roof. You also need to have that cleaned up as quickly as possible.
  • The natural preservatives that are present in your cedar, begin to diminish after a while. That way, water is able to enter the wood and causes it to crack. That is the doorway for algae, moss, mildew and fungi to start growing. They cause the cedar to deteriorate and result in premature roof failure, because they live off of it.
  • Heavily shaded areas of your cedar roof are more likely to retain moisture for much longer periods. That results in the growth of algae, mold, moss, fungi or mildew, because that’s the kind of condition they need to survive.
  • Pressure washers on cedar roofs are a no-no. The high pressure causes mold and fungus spores to be pushed and spread deeper into the wooden shingles. The high pressure can also cause them to loosen.
  • Garden hoses on cedar roofs are a yes. They are usually of a much safer pressure for your roof and they clean them of fungus, mildew, mold and the other organic materials effectively.
  • Your cedar roof can last for approximately 40 to 60 years if you take proper care of it.
  • The color of the cedar shingles should be a natural honey and cinnamon color, into a seasoned, silvery-grey color, over time.