Your roofing definitely won’t benefit from being filled with algae and moss. It weakens it and it can cause it to look very unsightly as well. There are various ways to prevent or discourage moss and algae growth on your roofing materials and we’re going to show you some of the things you can do just for that, (Here’s some tips for managing mold inside your home)


  • By trimming the branches of the trees that surround your home, you will let more light into your roof and that lessens the amount of debris that builds up on your roof. That will be a less conducive environment for moss and algae to grow.


  • Regulate the amount of debris that builds up on your roof with a leaf blower or some other non-abrasive method. Ensure that you direct the leaf blower down the roof’s slope so that you don’t drive debris under the shingles’ edges.


  • Clean your gutters to promote proper water damage and don’t let your gutters from higher up, pour water down directly onto a lower roof. Try to extend the higher gutter’s downspout to the lower gutter.


  • Add zinc or copper strips to stop algae or moss from growing. You can also apply asphalt shingles that have algae resistant copper granules. Try not to add zinc or copper strips on existing roofing, because it requires nails which may cause leaks.


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