Nashville’s storm season is in full swing. It seems like every other day we are getting high winds and drenching rains which can cause serious damage to homes and businesses in the area. Do you ever wonder what the signs to look for to know you have damage or not? Well, I’d like to give you a few of the most common items to check in order to be sure that your home is still in tip top shape and not in need of repairs.

Sometimes The Damage Is Obvious

Tree damage to roof

If you’re on the phone and you hear a tremendous crash, then you don’t need to be told you’ve got a problem. Of course, you can and should prevent that from happening with a regular tree service but once it does here’s what to do:

What To Look For On The Exterior

You should always start by checking the exterior of your home for items that are out of place. When looking at your roof, try to notice if any shingles are flipped up or maybe not laying as flat as they should. Check all of your siding to make sure it has not been pulled loose or separated. Look at all of the metal flashings along brick walls and large roof penetrations like chimneys. Most of our storms come from East to West so you may start by checking the West side of your home first.

What to Check On The Interior

After you check the exterior, you can also look for a few key signs on the interior. You may want to get in a habit of checking the ceilings for water spots. Sometimes they can be so small or light that you really have to be aware and look for them before they can become a create costly repairs. You may also want to look for leaks in the attic from time to time. You will know if the roof is leaking if you see stained or discolored wood. The most common places a roof will leak is from around the pipe flashings and chimney flashings. If the chimney leaks, stains will appear around the chimney. If it’s the pipe flashings, you will more then likely see the leaks in and around the kitchen or bathrooms.

What’s The Next Step After Spotting Possible Damage

If you see anything that does not look right, or if you know for sure you have a leak, the next step is to find a qualified company to evaluate and estimate your damages. Unless it’s extremely extensive, you may not want to get your insurance company involved as it may not exceed your deductible and will be a non paying claim on your record if the under deductible claim is filed. Be careful on who you hire and be sure to check references and reviews.

I hope this information will help you and your families keep a happy leak and storm damage free home. Please be sure and contact us if you think you have any concerns. We offer repairs and full roof replacements.