Chimney Cap Repair & Restoration

Nashville Chimney Cap & Crown Repair

While not easily seen from the ground, chimney caps are a vital component to securing your home from the exterior elements. They can also come in all types of custom shapes, sizes and metals adding to the homes curb appeal. We recommend having the chimney crown inspected every few years to ensure that it is not rusted, holding water or cracking if it is a concrete top. All of these items can lead to water intrusion
.Chimney cap
Most newer caps are comprised of a a galvanized chase cover and through wall flu cap. The chase cover fits neatly over the brick or siding similar to a how a shoe box cover fits over the box. The flue cap is where the chimney actually ventilates from. It is secured both to the inside flu wall and to the top of the chimney cap.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

A recently completed chimney flashing repair in Nashville.

Here’s the chimney flashing we recently repaired during a roof installation.

Chimney flashing is a watertight sheet of metal that is installed around the base of a chimney where it meets the roof, to ensure there is no leaking between the roofing material and the chimney itself.

Generally, the chimney flashing is very durable, but it should be inspected over the years to ensure that water isn’t making it’s way into your house. Obviously since it’s made of metal hail or falling branches are the usual source of chimney flashing damage that might need to be repaired. However, houses settling onto foundations have also been knows to make a gap between the roof and chimney that could cause water damage if it’s not addressed.

Brick Chimney Repair Service

Brick chimneys can often develop cracks in the mortar. This can lead to bricks coming loose and also may allow water intrusion. TCS offers some light tuck pointing services but if the cracks are extensive, then we recommend having a mason re-tuck point the chimney.
Brick Chimney crown repair

What is a the top of a Chimney called?

The top of a chimney is called a “Chimney Crown” and while it’s usually a concrete construction, it also can be damaged in hard weather and storms.

Nashville Area Chimney Cap, Crown & Flashing Repair

  • TCS is a Nashville roofing company that offers chimney cap restoration.
  • We can resurface concrete crown tops
  • We can create custom galvanized and steel chase covers
  • We can do light tuck pointing
  • We also do waterproofing and chimney roof flashing.