Benefits of TPO Roof Material

Every roof material has its own little niche in the world; it’s important to find out which one fits you before you go into such a large purchase. To help put all the information together, we’ve listed most of the benefits to having TPO material installed on your roof:

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Probably one of the biggest attractions of this roofing material is the low price for such high quality material. Like PVC material, it has air-welded seams and is energy efficient; it’s also cheaper!


TPO materials come in white, grey, or black reflective options. It’s widely regarded as a nice looking roofing material. All of the color choices available are energy efficient.


TPO is the toughest thermoplastic membrane. It stands up to both punctures and tears as well as mold and dirt. It even remains flexible during cold weather.

Energy Efficient:

TPO roof materials reflect solar rays, reducing midday heat-gain. This reduces air conditioning costs within the building by a large amount. It’s one of the most energy efficient options out there.


Keep all of these in mind when considering a new roof material for your building. Here at Tennessee Contracting Services, we offer TPO roof installation alongside a host of other roofing services. For more information, please give us a call at (615) 590-7428 for our Nashville location. We look forward to hearing from you!